Hotelschiffe auf den schönsten Wasserwegen
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Renaissance - Hotelschiff

Fahrgebiet: Burgund - Loire-Seitenkanal

Renaissance accommodates up to eight passengers in ultimate luxury. She was extensively refitted in 2009 and will delight the most discerning passenger. The air conditioned interior includes a beautifully appointed lounge with comfortable seating, a cosy bar stocked with your favourites and bookshelves which contain a Bose CD system, current books, up-to-date periodicals.

Renaissance has five members of crew who attend to the eight passengers throughout the cruise including a captain, tour guide, master chef and two housekeepers. She has four large suites which can be configured as twins or doubles. Each has a 60ft sq private bathroom and a TV/DVD system. The sundeck has seating and a spa pool, and bicycles are available for clients use..Renaissance - Salon Länge: 128 ft -
Gäste: 8
Crew: 5
- 4 Suiten mit 2 Einzel- oder einem Doppelbett
- Sonnendeck
- Spa-Pool
- Zentralheizung / Klimaanlage
- CD-Player / iPod Dock
- Sat-TV/DVD
- WiFi (je nach örtlicher Verfügbarkeit
- 8 Fahrräder, 1 Tandem
Hotelschiff RenaissanceRenaissance - KabinenDecksplan und Wohnbereich auf der Renaissance
Decksplan und Wohnbereich auf der Renaissance
(Schlaf)-Kabinen: Moliere - Dumas - Hugo - VoltaireRenaissance - Badezimmer